Mark Ahavel: Apostle, Prophet, and Teacher

Mystery Mystic Man

It is not with boastfulness that Brother Mark makes such bold titles of himself as an Apostle and Prophet of God and a Teacher on Spiritual, Religious life and Religion, but rather with humbleness. For he knows the chastisement of the LORD is not pleasant, but God disciplines those He loves. And so it has only been from a journey of faith 50+ years that he has more fully realized and accepted the Calling as a prophet and also as an apostle of God in the name of the most blessed manifestation of God, namely Jesus.

Mark’s mind marveled at the thoughts that started to come to him in 2002 and continued to come and flowed out onto many pages of ink, sometimes mixed with tears, tears of joy, love of God, and amazement. The vision that came from these many hand-written pages was to compile them into a book as a “sacred Scriptures” to some real degree. On one hand this seemed basically shocking being strongly rooted in the Judeo-Christian scriptures and tradition. These Scriptures were written 2000 and more years ago. These faiths have not been looking for any new Scriptures. Their Scriptures are sufficient and considered complete.

So from the beginning, when the first edition was published in 2012, Mark has been aware of this controversary. His view and response to such a question on this book being “sacred scriptures” is this: First, this “sacred” text is certainly NOT intended to replace the biblical Scriptures. They are viewed as complementary and supplementary. And they can only be viewed as “sacred scripture” by other people, pious people who read and study the book. One man, even though he may be a prophet from God, cannot single-handily make a sacred scriptures. Only if people of faith in community accept the text or portions of it will it be viewed as sacred.

The book we are referring to, and the flagship resource for this website, is: Light from Above: Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond, Mark Ahavel (1st ed. Global Faith, 2012, 2nd ed. Tate Publishing, 2014, 3rd ed. Wheel House Publications, 2016)

The “world” is still gradually discovering this amazing sacred scriptures text for the 21st century with the potential of warmly and inspiringly touching the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of people of faith in the one true God, Sovereign of the universe.

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